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Session Dates of Interest

April 30, 2023 — Final date for presentment of bills to Governor

May 30, 2023 — Governor to sign/veto bills by this date

June 1, 2023 — Other than emergency bills and as otherwise provided, earliest date for bills to take effect

July 1, 2023 — Budgetary, tax, and revenue bills to take effect

October 1, 2023 — Usual effective date for bills

Why Price Carbon

Carbon Tax Policies

Carbon pricing is an instrument that captures the external costs of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—the costs of emissions that the public pays for, such as damage to crops, health care costs from pollution, and loss of property from, fires flooding and sea level rise—and ties them to their sources through a price, usually in the form of a price on the carbon dioxide (CO2) or CO2 equivalents emitted.

Climate Countdown

“Price On Carbon Pollution” Award Winner of the Film4Climate Global Video Competition 2016 presented by Connect4Climate and partners.

How Do Carbon Markets Work?

The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA

A price on carbon makes those responsible for the damages caused by greenhouse gas emissions pay for those damages. The primary objective of a carbon price is to change behavior.

Columbia SIPA

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